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What's included with the website design service?

What's included with the website design service?

The professional web designers team works with you to design a website that best fits your needs. We construct each page of your website using the images and text that you supply.

Here's what we include with your website design plan:

Website element One Page Standard Premium E-Commerce
Number of pages 1 5 10 7
Number of products
(For Stores only)
Total images 5 20 50 20
Form fields 5 25 50 NA
Hyperlinks or Embed codes 5 25 25 25
Product categories
(For Stores only)
NA NA NA 1 per product
Words per page 500 2000 2000 2000

For more info on our web design service, contact us for a free consultation.

Or, if you have questions about your existing service contact us. More content can be added for an additional fee - contact us for a quote.

Note: The professional web designers team uses its best judgment, based on the content you submit, to generate page descriptions, browser titles, keywords and meta data. However, we cannot guarantee better ranking.

The header images and background graphics will be used on all the pages of your site. If you want different headers or background for different pages, please contact us to receive a price quote.

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